E-packing Ta bon :

It is amazing and successful shipping promotion given by Ta bon store where our clients could make the selection of different products tagged and combined in only one shipment adding and filling up your bag at the cheapest shipping cost at the same time instead of sending a lot of smaller shipments separately and expensive. Using Epacking ta bon our clients will get cheaper shipments using his own matching colors (E packs) selection group of products to reduce the total cost of afreigthment resulting in a better and economic purchase.

The Epacking products will be identify as epacking tag in a singular color which cannot combined with other tag color. Example: An epacking pink color tag only could be match with only another pink color epacking tag product and cannot be combined it’s to any other color.  The Epacking products will be clearly identified and tagged in our website in order you could see and get the promotion applied to its and earn the lowest shipping rates and help to optimize the chain of logistics by saving time and reducing costs to our clients.


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