Privacy and Security Policy” “we” collect and use your personal information in the operation of the electronic commerce platform in a professional and secure way to avoid fraud keeping a high standard related network security.

We only collect and use personal and own information that is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations and to help us manage our business and provide the best of the services requested by our clients, respecting the copyright and disclosure of private information.

Your information as a user is used with the best security and control measurements since you register on our website, when you place an order, or subscribe to our formats or when you respond to any information, such information is always protected and scanned with electronic security software means programs that guarantee its safe and secure handling.

When you register or place an order on our website, you may be asked to enter the following information: your name, email address, postal address and telephone number, among others, and it must be filled correctly without abbreviations to ensure proper operation of the purchasing system and an efficient and fast delivery to the address exactly indicated in a precise, complete, updated and correct way filled by you.

Regarding the use of his account, the user is responsible for the security of his own username and password at However, you can also visit our site anonymously. We recommend choosing a strong password and changing it periodically. Please do not use the same email and password registration data that you already have on other websites.

To protect the privacy and security of your personal information, we may request information from you that allows us to confirm your identity and your right to access such information.